Quantum therapies

What are quantum therapies?

To simplify the maximum we can say that they represent the meeting point between traditional oriental medicine such as the Chinese one or Indian Ayurvedic and the highest technologies of quantum physics, space research and natural healing methods.
We think that substance and energy are two different things but, in reality, it is exactly the opposite! Both Einstein and other scientists have shown that substance is nothing but condensed energy. Until now, biology has been interested only in the chemical aspect of the functions of living beings. But today there is a “push” that we can call quantum biology able to explain the functioning of our organs and our cells, from a point of view of vibration, energy and electromagnetism.
They represent a rationalized, less empirical and more precise approach to traditional approaches. The equipment used in quantum therapy, in the Uccello Blu Center, exploits the knowledge of traditional medicine. Their principles have been carefully measured and controlled and subsequently integrated to identify and treat imbalances in our health.

What are quantum therapies for?

Conventional medicine has had fantastic progress in treating many diseases and we certainly need it! But it is our approach to health that is evolving. Before we went to the doctor when we weren’t in top form and it is still done but, now there has been an evolution, we want as much as possible to stay young, active and beautiful. It is the very definition of health that has changed, especially in our Western culture. Health is therefore not the absence of illness but rather a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual well-being. From healing, medicine becomes preventive, even predictive and, on these last points, quantum therapies have a place of relevance.

Before any visible symptom, imbalances appear at the level of electromagnetic signals emitted by cells. Then what is called ``reduction of the level of adaptation`` is verified. The organ does not begin to perform its functions properly or it succeeds with a considerable effort, consuming more energy. This additional energy consumed risks missing other organs which, in turn, will lose their quality of adaptation. By measuring these energy levels, it is possible to compare the ``frequency markers`` of the weak organs with a database integrating pathologies, micro-organisms, toxicity, allergens, to determine the deep and sometimes aver causes of these imbalances and to treat them in a specific way.

You can not predict exactly that a person will have, for example, heart problem in years time but you can rather estimate a relative risk, a particular sensitivity for one or more problems. All this allows us to develop a very personalized and therefore more effective prevention strategy; we focus not only on the weak points identified, we examine the whole patient, in the physical, mental and energetic aspects.

Quantum therapies are considered as COMPLEMENTARY THERAPIES. They do not replace established medical treatment, nor do they express any diagnoses. If you have a joint blockage or a backache, the osteopath is essential! If you are sick, your doctor or surgeon must be the first choice! Quantum therapies are complementary disciplines that ``increase`` the effects of other therapies and not of substitutive solutions. In no case quantum therapies can replace a consultation or medical treatment; they can certainly accompany them and in fact we willingly collaborate with all the medical and paramedical fields.