Quantum aesthetic

Uccello blu quantum aesthetic presentation

Very often, aesthetic treatments act only on the surface, with effects that do not last long. If the body needs to eliminate toxins, it usually does so through the skin and this can cause redness or irritation. A lack of minerals, trace elements, intestinal inflammation and other imbalances, including psychological and emotional ones, have an impact on your own beauty. It is therefore important to regulate these factors in order to improve aesthetic treatments, for a fast and lasting result at the same time. We therefore combine analyzes and global treatments in quantum therapy with specific and personalized, adaptable and evolutive treatments.


First of all, there is a personalized consultation that includes an analysis of your skin and an identification of the imperfections to be corrected. Then, we move on to a measurement of the balance of the trace elements present in the cells together with your bio-energetic footprint. After a few minutes, we are able to advise you on the food supplement that can be really effective for your beauty, your well-being and balance.


During the second phase, a stimulation of the tissues and of the organism through a machine that uses a low intensity magnetic field, light laser frequencies and colored leds will take place. Numerous programs can be used, according to the needs of the person: detox, draining, anti inflammatory, regenerative, etc ...


The third phase acts locally. If necessary, a light peeling on the fruit acids and volcanic sand will be carried out and will clean and remove toxins from the skin, remineralizing it. Your skin is almost ready to absorb the assets of all natural products, specially selected for you and prepared in front of you. For optimal effects of these products we use a thermo-frequency generator that produces a light heat and acts on several levels: stimulation of cells, improvement of micro vascularization and penetration of active ingredients where they will be more effective. For the treatment of cellulite, for example, we have five different stimulators available that can be combined in many ways; for face, neck and décolleté, we have the possibility to combine up to ten. In this way it is able to treat simultaneously skin spots, wrinkles and skin relaxation. All these treatments are followed up by a specific stimulation with magnetic field, soft laser and colored LEDs.


But that is not all! Uccello Blu goes beyond! We can create your ``made-to-measure`` cosmetics on site. Depending on the age, the season, the lifestyle, your energy footprint and the type of imperfection that your skin presents, we will elaborate a personalized formula based on natural products, extremely effective. And, also for this reason, we have a specific line for the face for the treatment of wrinkles, redness, acne, sagging skin, pigment spots etc ... and, a body line for anti-cellulite treatments, to burn fat , draining and firming. It is also possible to create more serum for different parts of the body: breast firming and slimming for the thighs.