Tabs Dry Skin


Cosmetic treatment which carries out a protective and moiturizing activity, characterized by a non-fat, ultra-penetrating texture.

Thanks to its non-oily  and ultra-penetrating texture, provided by an extreme affinity with the epidermis, this treatment is immediately absorbed without leaving any oily residue. It regulates and reactivates the natural processes which are responsible for skin water balance. It contains an oil blend (linseed, almonds, borage) which garantees a deep moisturizing action, deeply nourishing the skin.

It contains a functional ingredient blend which recreates the natural moisturizing factor (NMF – Natural Moisturizinf Factor) which guarantees an intense continuity of hydration and a defecnce from harmful atmospheric agents.

Liposome vehiculated Coenzyme Q10, carries out an effective antioxidant and antiradicalic action gifting the skin with a totally new energy.

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