A medallion suitable for men and women that incorporates 5 forefront technologies for better health and greater well-being.


The bioenergy therapeutic medallion has 5 different types of therapeutic inserts on its inner part, which transmit beneficial energies when they are in contact with the skin.

The energies coming from the bio-energy medallion act on the surface and inside the body. On the surface it reinforces the energy field; in depth it acts by increasing cellular permeability and thereby enhancing numerous cell functions in the body. These effects are caused by the inserts included in the medallion.


The features of each inclusion embedded on the inside of the bioenergy medallion are described in detail in the following article.


What benefits does the bio-energy medallion have?


  1. Improves immune defenses.
  2. Improves blood circulation and oxygen supply and nutrients.
  3. Gives the bearer an energy recovery.
  4. Eliminates destructive free radicals,
  5. Reinforces the bio-energetic field and protects against harmful electromagnetic waves
  6. Improves blood pressure.
  7. Relieves joint pain and stiffness.
  8. Improves metabolism (reduction of fat levels)
  9. Reinforces the functions of the liver
  10. It balances the pH in the body.
  11. Prolongs cells’ life
  12. Helps to destroy viruses and bacteria
  13. Improves recovery after an effort




The inner part of the bio-energy medallion includes 5 mineral applications, each of which has a specific and unique function that gives multiple therapeutic properties. Each of these elemental inserts are in contact with your body, transmitting the unique therapeutic properties of the bio-energy medallion.

The bio-energies medallion also exists in the form of bio-energies bracelet.


Pure Germanium

Germanium is known to improve the immune system, increase the supply of oxygen in the body, enhance the level of physical and mental fitness and destroy free radicals. It also gives a protection from any kind radiation.



Black Magnet

When the magnets are placed on the human body, the magnetic field penetrates the tissues of the skin and bones. Like the blood that contains iron, the magnet acts as a conductor of magnetic energy and helps increase blood flow and therefore improve the oxygenation and nutrition of tissues. These effects help the growth of young and healthy cells and stimulate the body to increase its natural self-healing abilities.


Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared rays were issued of a new technology and demonstrated their positive effects on blood circulation, blood pressure and joint pain. They have proved equally useful in improving the autonomic nervous system, reducing fat, strengthening liver function, improving metabolism and regulating tissue pH.


Nano insert

The nano insert is a product developed by 21st century technology. It has the ability to absorb external heat and convert it into far infrareds, helping cells survive longer and reinforcing cellular energy, improving blood circulation, stimulating metabolism and immune functions. It also possesses antibacterial properties.


Negative Ions

Negative ions have richly documented beneficial effects, including better recovery of physical prostration or fatigue, stabilization of brain functions, blood detoxification, improvement of metabolism, strengthening of the immune system, balance of the autonomic nervous system, improvement of digestion and cell rejuvenation.





Germanium is a semiconductor that responds effectively to infrared light. The two most important features of Germanium for health are its natural ability to emit negative ions and the penetration of  far infrared rays into the body.


  1. Elimination of harmful positive ions and negative ions effects


Germanium atom and its electronic orbits


One Germanium atom has 32 electrons, of which 4 are constantly moving on the outer orbit. These 4 electrons are carriers of negative charges. One of these electrons is expelled from its orbit when the temperature exceeds 32 ° C. The 3 remaining electrons “take” another electron from other atoms to preserve the molecule’s equilibrium. Essentially, once in contact with the body, negatively charged ions from millions of Germanium atoms will capture the harmful positive ions emitted from the body.


Our habitual way of life, exposes our body to many harmful positive ions coming from our mobile phones, electronic equipments, chemicals, acid rain and ultraviolet rays. The negative ions provided by Germanium will help to purify the blood and to balance the positive and negative ions in it. Muscular relaxation is often found, as well as a reduction in fatigue.


It is commonly accepted and recommended to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables for healthy eating. But this regime increases the acidity of the body, weakens it and makes it more sensitive to diseases. This acidification of the blood is caused by a loss of electrons and can be prevented by a contribution in negative ions, rich in electrons. This improves immune functions and diseases resistance.




. Strengthens the immune system.

. Increases blood circulation.

. Increases the rate of oxygen.

. Accelerates cell metabolism.

. It regulates positive and negative ions in the body

. Eliminates dangerous toxins

. Relieves joint and muscle pains.

. It reduces physical stress, stiffness, cramps and discomfort.

. Decresases water retention.

. Decreases the feeling of fatigue.

. Improves the quality of sleep.

. It slows down aging.

. Decreases bacterial proliferation.

. Increases and maintains body heat.


  1. Effects of Far Infrareds


Germanium releases a strong rate of far infrared rays that penetrate deep into the human body. When they are absorbed by the different organs of the body, they activate them, revitalize them, develop them and strengthen them. They also increase the subcutaneous temperature and improve the micro circulation of blood, favoring a better general state of health.




They have been used for thousands of years and are known for their healing virtues. When these magnets are in contact with our body, the magnetic field penetrates the skin and bones.



The effects of magnets are known to relieve numerous disorders:


. It stimulates the natural abilities of self healing.

. Improves blood circulation.

. Increases the rate of oxygen.

. Accelerates cell metabolism.

. Eliminates dangerous toxins.

. Relieves joint and muscle pains.

. Relieves physical stress, stiffness, cramps and discomfort.

. Checks the edemas.

. Decreases water retention.

. Relieves fatigue.

. Improves the quality of sleep.

. It slows down aging.


It should be noted that these benefits can vary from individual to individual.




The sun releases many types of natural light, of which only some are visible. Infrareds have a wavelength higher than the visible spectrum and can not be seen with the naked eye.

Far infrared rays are so called because they have the largest wavelength between infrareds and are the only ones able to penetrate deep into the tissues of the human body. When emitted by the sun or bio-energy medallions, they pass through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues and are transformed from light energy into thermal energy, bringing the following beneficial effects:


They improve the blood circulation and warming of the body, which helps to alleviate neuralgia, muscle and joint pains, as well as to decrease the sensation of cold in the hands and feets.

They provoke a strong revitalization of the cells that provides the cicatrization and helps to repair the inflamed tissues.


. Increased metabolism

. Lightening stress and fatigue.

. Regulation of the nervous system.

. Improvement of sleep quality.

. Purification of body fluids and elimination of harmful toxins.

. Reinforcement of immune functions.

. Stimulation of harmonious development in living beings.


At normal temperature, the human body releases thermal energy at a wavelength of 5-15 microns. A FIR energy wave of similar length is emitted when a natural stone, such as tourmaline or zeolite is heated. This energy from heated minerals can penetrate organic matters 80 times deeper than other thermal waves.

The heat of far infrared rays (FIRs) resonates with the energy waves of the body, warming it, improving blood circulation and stimulating the metabolism.

Far infrared rays (FIRs) energize the body at the cellular level. For this reason, numerous hospitals and clinics in Japan treat their patients with devices that can generate far infrared. In addition to the positive effects on circulation and metabolism, far infrared rays also improve the functions of the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine (hormonal) system, improving the state of health.


Explanation of the mechanism of action of far infrareds.


FIRs inserts emit far infrareds waves into the body. These waves have an effect on water molecules as well as on the arterial system, as shown in the following diagram:

Accelerates blood circulation

Following the results of reactions due far infrareds, in the increasing in the heat of the skin and in the development of the cardiovascular system, there is an acceleration of the blood circulation, a reinforcement of the blood and cellular metabolism which results apparently younger.

It regulates blood pressure

High blood pressure and arteriosclerosis are generally caused by contraction and narrowing of small arteries. Far infrared rays help to develop the micro-vascular system and, as a result, blood circulation is accelerated and blood pressure decreases, improving the symptoms of hypertension.

Relieves joint pains

The deep penetration of far infrared rays acts in depth of the articular muscles, warming the inside of the body, relaxing the muscles, improving the supply of oxygen and nutrients from the vascular system. Helps in the elimination of toxic substances and lactic acid. It reduces edema and swelling and relieves pains.

Regulates the autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system controls visceral functions (digestion, respiration, heart rhythm, …). Humans are often in a state of anxiety and this negatively affects the autonomic nervous system, causing a decline in immunity, headaches, insomnia, fatigue and feeling of cold at the extremities of hands and feets.

It reduces obesity

Far infrared rays therapy provides energy recovery, as well as cell activation, promoting fat cell metabolism, accelerating the burning and degradation of excess fats.

Over time, this leads to an actual weight loss.

Strengthens the functions of the liver

The deep thermal reaction caused by far infrareds, activates the cells, improves tissue regeneration, increases the capacity of tissue regeneration and stimulates cell growth which develops a reinforcement of liver detoxification, which in turn improves the physical condition.

Stimulates the metabolism

When the micro-vascular system is improved, metabolic waste can be rapidly eliminated from the body, reducing the body’s load on organs such as the liver and kidneys. These wastes include heavy metals that can cause tumors and other serious diseases, lactates, fatty acids, and accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which causes fatigue, premature aging, and arterial hypertension.

It balances the pH of the body

Far infrareds, purify the blood and improve the quality of the skin to prevent the accumulation of excessive uric acid, responsible for bone and muscle pains.



The extraordinary effects of negative ions in health are increasingly confirmed by scientific research. Negative ions are in the air we breathe as well as in our body. Neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism and improve immune functions. In addition, they purify the blood and balance the autonomic nervous system, improving the quality of sleep and stimulating digestion. Negative ions also protect the body and spirit from environmental stress, for example from electromagnetic waves.

To ensure our health and well-being, it is essential to surround ourselves with a sufficient amount of negative ions. To optimize the effects of the bio-energie medallion, which emits negative ions and to increase their level in our body, it is important to consume healthy and alkalizing foods that can also increase our rate of negative ions. The Theraquantics alkalizing water systems are a perfect complement to the bio-energie medallion.


Healing properties of negative ions.


Recovery of fatigue and prostration

By increasing the rate of oxygen in the blood and facilitating more effective use, negative ions help to recover from fatigue.

Stability of brain functions

By facilitating an important supply of oxygen in the blood, the negative ions help to normalize the brain functions, producing relaxation and serenity.

Blood purification

By increasing sodium and calcium levels in the blood, negative ions help restore a slightly acidic (slightly alkaline) blood-base balance for good health.

Increased metabolism

By stimulating the exchange of electronic substances through cell membranes, negative ions help to optimize the metabolism.

Reinforcement of the immune system

A new “high” negative ions facilitates the production of globulin in the blood, providing better resistance to diseases.

Balances the autonomic nervous system

Negative ions can calm and relax the nerves by balancing the actions of the ortho- and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system (also called vegetative)

Improves digestion

By counteracting the “packaging” of the sympathetic system, negative ions relieve tensions in the stomach and intestines, favoring the production of digestive enzymes and improving digestion.

Cell rejuvenation

Negative ions help to revitalize cell metabolism, increasing the vitality of muscle tissue and strengthening the internal organs



Although no research has shown any side effects produced by magnets, people who use pacemakers should NOT wear this product.




All information in this article is released for knowledge. In no case do they represent a medical or therapeutic consultation. For any questions of this order, consult a medical specialist.

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