I am Professor Eric, International Expert in Quantum Therapies, PhD in Alternative Medicine, PhD in Complementary Medicine, Dentist, Naturopath and very passionated in high technology. After years of researches and collaboration with doctors, researchers, University Professors, therapists of any discipline, all internationally recognized, I decided to create the concept Uccello Blu, in order to make the immense progress made in the field of Health, Wellness and Beauty and Personal Realization accessible to everyone


I started as a dentist and very soon I was oriented towards a holistic dental approach. I could see the great impact that non-aggressive dental care, without heavy metals and without systematic references to drugs, can have on health. Later, I met a psychiatrist doctor who totally changed my vision of conceiving health, well-being and life in general. Personally he used some strange devices with which he measured “energies”, giving me a series of explanations that had nothing scientific. Wavelengths, frequencies, bio-resonance, cell electromagnetic memories … And all this, however, gave surprising therapeutic results!

Here I am now, after 25 years of studying this new science, the quantum therapies, which I teach as a specialist at the International University of Barcelona and, me and my team, we are at your complete disposition.

The Uccello Blu concept, it’s a lot of things!

It is a center of quantum therapies

It is a center of quantum therapies in which you can find the most advanced techniques and equipment, developed by the latest researches in quantum physics, integrative medicine (which encompasses ALL aspects of Health), and in space research.

It is a center of aesthetic care

It is a center of aesthetic care according to the concept “Quantum Aesthetics” that we have developed and presented, which is based on the personalization of the proposed treatments and on the stimulation of your energy potential, your vital energies, for a true rejuvenation of your face and your body. Thermo-frequency, magnetic and luminous stimulation of your skin, examination of your ``energy footprint``, recommended food supplements, care products prepared for you in front of you, represent the heart of the ``Quantum Aesthetics`` of the Uccello Blu Center.

It is a Concept Store

It is a Concept Store, which allows you to discover our world with professionals who will be at your disposition to listen to you, to understand you, to advise you what best reflects your needs. We can, in front of you, create the perfect cosmetic, suitable for your skin, age, imperfections that you want to correct and also to your lifestyle or the current season! We will also offer you the ways to protect yourself against the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution, such as those produced by mobile phones, for example; we will strengthen your energy defenses by showing on you the effects arising from the solutions we are able to offer you; we will explain what water it would be appropriate to drink and why and, also how to make it and, many other things !!!

It is a Club

It is a Club, Uccello Blu Health Club, which organizes seminars, conferences, practical workshops reserved for its members, which, you too, can partecipate! And since nothing in the Universe is still, Uccello Blu is constantly evolving!